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Top : New : 8-Oct-2006

5 New Links:

Ministries and Musicians

  • - A worship and teaching ministry website. Kim Gentes is a worship leader and teacher. This site includes a brief bio, ministry calendar, and music and information about Kim. new
  • Carl Tuttle - Worship leader, teacher, pastor and songwriter, Carl Tuttle has a web site that includes his newest music, the Carl Blog, and teachings and writings from Carl new

Products : Software

  • Transposer - Transposer 2.0 allows you to raise or lower the pitch of any MP3 song. This is great for learning a song in a different key than it is recorded in. new

Radio and Internet Radio

  • Worship Music Radio - An online free full album of new worship projects from around the world. No signups or anything. Just click and listen. new

Worship Music Publishers

  • Vineyard Underground - Vineyard Underground is a collection of emerging worship songs from the Vineyard churches. new

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